Wednesday, October 09, 2013

El Camino For Diabetes

In September of 2014 I will be making a pilgrimage on the El Camino de Santiago de Compostella in northwestern Spain for a 500 mile / 800km journey, not only for my own spiritual and personal growth, but also to do fundraising for diabetes research to find better treatments for this insidious disease, and better yet, a cure for it.

I have had several relatives expire from diabetes over the years and my children are vulnerable to diabetes later in life, but personal concerns aside, as of 2011 28.6 million Americans have been diagnosed with this disease.

More research, especially more promising stem cell research, is needed to combat diabetes and only our efforts in raising additional funds to enhance this research will accomplish our goals.

I am looking for a number of individuals who have a heart for this endeavor to serve on my Advisory Board to help me with prayer, encouragement, and to be responsible for, not only guiding me in this journey of training, preparation and the actual pilgrimage on the El Camino [Camino Frances], but to also handle the donations that are made as a result of my 500 mile walk on this historic path to Santiago de Compostela.

I am in need of an attorney and/or certified public account who knows about fundraising and setting up an account that these donations can be deposited for distribution to researchers to use to further our knowledge of combating diabetes. He/she would be the trustee of the funds.

I, personally, do not / can not handle such donations because I am too busy training and preparing for the pilgrimage itself.

I also would like help from my Advisory Board on suggestions about how to reach potential donors who would pledge anywhere from ten cents, twenty cents and up per mile that I walk on the Camino for a total of 500 miles.

Corporate donations could be higher if they wish and certainly five dollars per mile would go a long way in helping us raise money for the research. This incredible journey will take all of six weeks to complete if I am fortunate enough to not sustain an injury during my training, riding my motorcycle, or during the pilgrimage itself in September-October of 2014.

Any church individual, or civic organization who would also like to donate funds for my equipment [ backpack, hiking shoes, sleeping bag, etc ], airfare overseas, as well as lodging in alberques (hostels) and for food, would be very much appreciated because it will be difficult for me to do this completely on my own, but I will, even if I have to sell blood to get the funds for the trip.

This is my resolve to accomplish such a worthy goal.

If you would like to follow me on this journey of preparation and training as well as "like" the page, you can go to El Camino for Diabetes Research on Facebook to keep up with my progress.

Thank you!